Sep 172015


I shot the opening photo above for the current issue of Parents magazine to illustrate how many vaccinations children have to get in their first year of life.


Stylist Morgan Purdy graciously covered her legs in bandaids so I could place them on our model with Photoshop.


Then we shot older kids dressed as super heroes.  We were short a model so my son filled in at the last minute to save the day.  He’s already my super hero, as you can see here from the shoot which inspired this one.


We had a great creative team, Morgan (above left) hand made many of our props and styled wardrobe, Scott Thompson (above right) did hair and make up.


We also shot some flying shots but they didn’t make the cut.  Here are some un-retouched outtakes.


My daughter also did a few jumps.  She’s done this before.