Sep 102015


I was very happy to photograph cows on seamless for the cover of the current issue of Consumer Reports. They sent me to Fort Creek Farm in Sparta, GA.  Bob and Susan Woodall raise grass fed beef there.



Cows are naturally very curious. Bob told me that if I sat still long enough they would surround me.



Beef cattle are pretty skittish as they are not used to being handled like dairy cows. When grass fed, they are never indoors.  Getting them into a barn was out of the question.  Luckily, simple strings help to keep them in a general area.  They assume it’s electric fencing and for the most part don’t bother to test it.  Dixie (above) was a particularly mellow mama cow.


This teenager (about 14 months) was a bit more unpredictable.  Flies are a natural byproduct.  I was really impressed with how clean the farm was.  In two days I only set foot on a cow pie once.  Because they are free range, there’s plenty of room for everything.