Jun 102015

I recently collaborated with illustrator Gina Triplett to photograph the 99 great ways to save cover story for AARP’s June Bulletin.EvanKafka1505121157_Blog

I’ve done similar collaborations in the past but this was different because I the illustrations were done after I took the photos.  I had no visual reference of what the people I was shooting would be placed into, just verbal descriptions.  I had to sort of imagine the scenes and how the people might interact together.  It was lot of fun.  Thanks to my crew wardrobe stylist Ellen Silverstein & Hair and Make up stylist Robert Moulton and to AARP for giving me this wonderful job.


We had some photogenic and very patient subjects: Terry Bradwell, Lynnette Kahlfani Cox, Brian Boyé, Barbara Hannah Grufferman, Samantha Brown, Steve Leber, Pam Anderson, Jeff Yeager and Dr. Charlotte Yeh.