May 212014


A new Huggies ad is out!  It was part of a multi-day shoot that involved a couple of different locations.  You can see more of my work for Huggies here.


Due to logistics with the number of babies and the other shots we had to do that day, I decided that it would be easiest and cost effective to build a grocery store in the studio. Above, Dario Diovisalvi of Production & Logistics and can be seen sussing it out at Gary’s Loft Brooklyn.  I was confident that it would work and set up some flats to show how I would compose it.  Later, with the help of set builder Liz Englehardt who ultimately put the set together, I devised some commercial looking light fixtures with a Profoto globe light and a Winco punch bowl I found at a kitchen supply place. They worked great as  a light source for the back of the set and blended in with the rest of the set.




We had a great crew.  Thanks to Kimberly-Clark and Ogilvy Chicago for the opportunity!