Sep 242013


In my apartment I have 14 feet of white magnetic strip and track lighting I use to create a rotating display of personal work.  I change the 17×25 inch prints every couple of months.


For me a photograph isn’t finished until it’s printed. I lay back and look at them often. I love the way images look when they are big. It’s a great way to see the quality of the work you’re producing.  It’s not so different from viewing them on my 26″ display, but I can stare at these much longer, and they look much richer under the lights. It also provides the primary lighting for the room.

This is something I do for myself. It helps to my creative process.  I wish I had more walls, more space.

These images are from a family trip we took to California last month (except the first photo which I took in January and posted here). Many of my personal posts are derived from work that has been in this gallery.