Oct 302012

Last night the East River flooded my neighborhood on the East Side of Manhattan.

E23rd Street between 1st Avenue and the FDR at around 8:30pm, 1/2 block from our apartment, during the peak of the storm surge.  We are really lucky.  We are without power but there was no damage to our building and we are only on the 6th floor.

Our stairwell is illuminated by glow sticks.  We lost power just after I took the above photos and was returning home.  Fortunately, the kids had just gone to sleep.

It is a strange experience to walk around Manhattan during a blackout. We have no power at our apartment. I do have power at my studio where I am writing this post. I am reminded of the last major blackout about 9 years ago when we were without power for about 3 days.

This is an entrance to Peter Cooper Village on 20th Street just after the water had receded from this point.

East 20th Street between 1st Avenue and the FDR around 10pm

Those are cars parked on E 23rd Street, almost completely under water, 10pm.

Ambulances line up to evacuate NYU Medical Center

Empire State Dawn, 11pm

E25th Street? About midnight

The morning after

Cars after floating around.

Destroyed gas station under FDR at 23rd Street.