Oct 192011

Here are some images I shot for the November issue of Outdoor Life magazine.  It was an intense day as we did 5 complicated shots in a fairly small studio.  Three of them are included in this post.

Luckily, Some Studio is in the heart of NYC’s flower district.  With the help of Stylist Ellen Silverstein, we procured bundles of corn stalks, bags of fall leaves, a small Japanese Maple and 350 pounds of sand.

Thanks to my crew Josh Freiwald and Richard Solinger for their hard work.  Also thanks to Ellen and her crew, August Goulet and Lisa Metropolis for making a corn field, beach and wind. And Thanks to our model, Kevin Witt, for wearing 4 layers of insulation on a very hot day, all day.

And many thanks to Justin Appenzeller and Jim Walsh of Outdoor Life for the art direction and the opportunity.