Jan 252011

If you are flying, check your seat pocket for the January 1, 2011 edition of American Way magazine.  They asked me to photograph him with a bunch of paper airplanes for the cover to mark the 45th anniversary of the publication.  I decided it would be best to composite them after the shoot.  We shot the planes separately in the morning before he arrived. You can see them below. He was really relaxed and easy to work with. Thanks to Betsy Semple at American Way for the call.   Thanks also to Stefanie Syat for grooming and Josh Freiwald and Seth Personett for helping me make all of those paper airplanes.

We shot the planes in the morning before John arrived

This photo was the inside opener in American Way. Also pictured are John's bulldog, Puddy, and our stylist for the shoot,Stefanie Syat.