Dec 082010

I just returned from a corporate which took me to Mexico City, London and Hyderabad, India, during the past 2 weeks, with a short detour to Delaware and Maryland for Thanksgiving.  I rented gear and hired my crews locally.  It was challenging to arrange but everything went perfectly.  I found great people and serviceable gear.  Thank you to Nicole Rixon of Central Film and Rodrigo Cassou who helped me in Mexico City.  Thanks to Kelvin Webb (pictured) and Fay Leith in London.  And thanks to Ajai and Vikash of India Film Services for getting me what I needed in India and a great crew (pictured).  Other than some issues obtaining my visa from the Indian Consulate and heavy snowfall in London, everything could not have gone smoother.  Thanks to the folks at Addison for giving me the opportunity to revisit two of my favorite cities and for the chance to catch a glimpse of India.  Here are some test photos from Hyderabad and London.